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Hello + welcome.


I’m Jacquie. Mum of three & a Provisional Psychologist dedicated to supporting quirky, highly sensitive, strong-willed kids and their amazing Mums. I know from personal and professional experience that family dynamics are everything, & that when our little humans are having a hard time, it can throw the whole family out. So, I help Mums to find the guidance and support they need to feel confident in supporting their children through their challenges. Because when we have the right tools and support, we can parent from a place of confidence and connection.  


I know how difficult it is to do this important work when you’re pouring from an empty cup. 


You feel overwhelmed and unsure of what lies ahead. 


You’ve lost confidence in your ability to parent your child.


You feel like very few people understand where you’re coming from because their children don’t have children with the same challenges.


And so, I felt called to work with mums like you…to hold space for you, while you support your child. To give you practical tips and strategies to fill your cup, so that you can tap into these strategies whenever you need to.  


This isn’t about a “fix”, it's about thriving instead of surviving. 


If this sounds like a perfect fit, you can book a short 30 minute call where I will:


  • Get an understanding of where you’re at now

  • Help you clarify your vision for the future and what’s possible

  • Support you in putting together a plan to get there 


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My books are currently full for 1:1 counselling support. If you'd like to go on the waitlist to be notified when availability open us, please pop your name & email address in the box below and I will be in touch. 

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