Are you craving support, connection and resources to help you parent your bright, sensitive, challenging child in the best possible way? 


Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what lies ahead. 


Maybe you are worried about whether what you’re doing is enough for your child. 


Your child may even have recently received a diagnosis or perhaps you’re going through the process of figuring out if that’s going to be a part of your journey, and you’re feeling confused. 


All of the above can be a lot for your self-confidence and can have you questioning yourself, your parenting and decisions. 


You know you want to parent with consciousness and kindness, to support your child in the way that they need to thrive, but you are stuck in negative patterns and aren’t sure how to break out. 


Imagine cultivating more calm in your days, connection with your child and confidence in your ability to best support them to thrive. Imagine feeling supported and understood by like-minded souls who are navigating a similar path to the one you’re on. How incredible would it feel to have a community you could lean on for those especially tricky days within your family.


Attuned Membership

Attuned is a brand-new membership community for Mums raising children who are experiencing challenges and as a result, are challenging for parents. Immersed within a conscious/ gentle parenting framework, this relationship-focused membership is committed to supporting children's well being by nourishing what is arguably the most integral relationship in their life; that with their Mother.


The content will be 50% focused upon supporting children through their challenges and 50% focused upon supporting you, as their Mum.


Because when a Mother is seen, heard and supported with the right information, there is no limit to the positive change, deepened connection and happiness she can create for her family.   


“The Brave Space is a treasure chest of information that helps to navigate all of the noise surrounding modern parenting. 

Jacquie is kind, amazingly supportive and wonderfully generous with sharing her expertise about the challenges of parenting in today’s fast paced and expectation laden world. 

I’m so grateful for the awesome insights into the way kids think and feel. The Brave Space has an abundance of handy tips to help us all feel supported and to foster a respectful and resilient little family”

 - Amy, Mother to two 

For just $19.95 a month, HERE IS WHAT YOU'LL GET:

  • Access to a monthly 45-minute online MASTERCLASS (always recorded as you can watch or listen at any time). These will feature a mix of guest experts and sessions delivered by Jacquie Ward. 

  • A MONTHLY RESOURCE SHARE which will be a creative play therapy to support your little one from Jacquie’s experience in play therapy.

  • A short monthly INTENTION SETTING SESSION to ground, focus and nurture you in your mothering (also recorded).

  • Prizes and GIVEAWAYS


Those who choose to sign up to the VIP level, priced at $39.95 per month will also get access to a monthly group coaching call to discuss, workshop and strategise the best way to manage any challenges you or your child are currently working through.   

NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT: The last thing you need is another commitment to squeeze into your already-packed days. Attuned is designed to enrich & enhance your life and so if you aren’t thrilled with the offering, you are welcome to cancel anytime. There are no lock-in periods or minimum time commitments.  



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