Jacquie Ward

Co-Founder, Provisional Psychologist, Masters Student, Mama.


When my little one started preschool, it was the first time he’d been in the care of someone who wasn’t immediate family or a close friend. We knew his nature meant the transition would be kind of a big deal for him and spent the weeks leading up to it trying to paint a picture that made preschool as exciting and un-scary as it could possibly be. Despite all the preparation and the amazing support of a truly wonderful team of educators, the separation anxiety he experienced during those first few weeks was real (and it was awful).


The mornings he went to preschool saw a gradual build-up of emotion, starting at home over breakfast when he realised it was a ‘school day’, through getting dressed, into the car and finally the drop off. Cue tears: his & mine!


TBS 1.jpg

All of my studies in Psychology have taught me that, generally speaking, the best way to handle situations that make us anxious is to expose yourself to them. ‘Face the fear’, if you will. And yet, as a parent my protective heart was screaming at me to remove him from the situation that was causing him such distress. I remember tearfully calling my husband one morning after a particularly awful drop-off involving little fingers clinging tightly to my neck, and telling him I was going to look into homeschooling my boys!


It was on one such morning in those fragile early weeks of starting preschool, that I happened to spot a small vial of essential oil on my kitchen benchtop. A girlfriend had blended it up for my baby’s eczema, singing the praises of the natural elixir. Desperate to calm my preschooler’s nerves and strengthen his resilience, I grabbed the bottle and told him that it was magical Brave Oil. Together, we rubbed it onto the soft skin of his forearms and inhaled the scent with deep breaths.


It proved to be the circuit-breaker we needed. Whether it was the therapeutic benefit of the oils themselves, the calming act of taking some slow deep breaths or the magic of confidence instilled… a ritual was born. Fortified with the belief that he was brave, my little one discovered a resolve he couldn’t seem to find before. While his hand still clung to mine as we walked into preschool, overall he was calmer, more confident, assured of his bravery to handle the situation.


To this day, we still use our Brave Oil for preschool drop offs, or for any other situation that requires it. He now loves preschool and I love that his world has opened up with new friendships and experiences I couldn’t have given him at home. As I work towards my registration as a Psychologist, my professional passion for child psychology, building resilience and understanding anxiety has also deepened, hence the birth of The Brave Space.


Thank you for being here, it is our hope that through our Brave Oils and resources, you too can assist your little ones to find their brave and as a result, live a big and beautiful life.


Kiersten Hocking

Co-Founder, Creative Soul, Aunty to Legends.

Backed by a passion for photography and creating beautiful aesthetics, combined with my people-focussed career in the HR field, I am so excited to bring The Brave Space in to existence.  

Working with my best friend to create a platform with the power to influence young lives and inject positivity in to the world makes my heart happy.  

Building a community of like-minded people who care after their own little ones, whether it be parents, grandparents, aunties, friends or carers lights me up inside and is what I hope to build here in The Brave Space. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us as we work to encourage, empower and instil resilience in our little buds as they navigate their journeys and create their own beautiful lives.