Books We Love... All The Ways To Be Smart by Davina Bell

Every so often you come across a book that you just know will stay with you long after you close the last page. For me, All The Ways To Be Smart was that book. I had already fallen in love with author Davina Bell’s work when I read Under The Love Umbrella (more on that another time!) and she didn’t disappoint with this new title. Her thoughtful, love-soaked words are married perfectly with illustrator Allison Colpoys distinctive, exuberant art, which makes reading this book a beautiful experience.

All The Ways To Be Smart, as the title suggests, is about teaching children that intelligence is more than just ‘book smart’. In doing it, it introduces the immense value of creativity and the arts. It’s shares the importance of being uniquely yourself and fully valuing your own talents, not in a ‘everybody gets a ribbon’ way, but in way that genuinely values diversity in intelligence. For me, that is a message worth teaching our babes.

Louise Pfanner said it perfectly when she said ‘Every page of this book is joyous, imaginative and life-affirming… All The Ways To Be Smart is a celebration of what childhood can be…’

Things we love…

· The rhyming text, which makes the book a beautiful read for young ones as well as older kids (they'll enjoy the lilting rhythm)

· The vibrant, joyful illustrations packed with gorgeous details. Perfect for engaging your toddler/ preschooler in ‘spotting’ games

· The wisdom woven into the story… a powerful tale about diversity and acceptance

Age range: Baby +

You can pick up your copy here