Books We Love... I Am Peace by Susan Verde

Up there with quality chocolate and good coffee, one thing I never hesitate to spend money on is children’s books. I grew up a devoted reader and still find beautiful escape in books today, so I’m hoping to impart a love of reading into my little ones. Along with the much-loved favourites (‘Where Is the Green Sheep?’ for the one hundredth time anyone?) I am discovering there are so many wonderful books developed as resources for helping kids manage things like anxiety, big feelings and life challenges. With each discovery, I feel compelled to share so that others might enjoy their magic too.

And so a new section of our blog is born! Books We Love will be updated regularly with new titles and reviews. I’d love to hear suggestions of YOUR family favourites – simply tag or DM on Instagram or email


It seems every way we turn at the moment, someone is touting the benefits of mindfulness – in essence, focusing on being fully in the present moment. My own interest in it was sparked and after experiencing some of the benefits for myself (a work in progress, let me assure you!), I was keen to introduce it to my young kids, particularly my four year old who has a busy mind.

I Am Peace is a beautiful picture book created by Yoga Instructor Susan Verde that gently introduces the tenents of mindfulness to children. Written from the viewpoint of a single child character, it opens with them expressing that their thoughts “are like rushing water”, that they feel “like a boat with no anchor” and then gently follows their journey to peace. The story is interlaced with themes of kindness, empathy and self-expression.

Things we love about it:

· The beautiful, vibrant illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds

· The concise text that explains big concepts so simply & beautifully

· The guided meditation included in the back of the book

In the book, the child shares that once they are able to settle and their mind clears, that “my worries gently pop and disappear”.

What a beautiful visualization for all (big & small), to embrace.

Age range: 3-9 years

You can pick up a copy here