Books We Love... The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Of all the books we’ve come to love, The Invisible String will forever be right up the top of the list. My eldest bub's teacher introduced this heartwarming story to us when he first started preschool and was adjusting to days away from the family. While he wrestled with separation anxiety, she would read it to him every morning following drop off and it proved an amazing strategy to help him through an otherwise challenging time.

The book explores themes of connection, love and interconnectedness, balancing them with a subtle exploration of separation and loss. It introduces children to their own invisible string, which binds them at all times to those they love. The string never goes away, not even when your loved one isn’t with you.

The book is a perfect tale for anyone battling with separation anxiety, but also a great way to gently help children through periods of loss. Over the years it has amassed a cult following and is adored by schools, Psychologists, hospitals, children’s camps, schools, adoption and foster agencies. The simple, yet powerful way that the story is told, combined with the vibrant illustrations, resonates with adults and children alike.

Things we love…

· The beautiful description of our intangible, but unbreakable connections

· The vibrant new release with updated illustrations

· The way the core message of the book resonates with children. A year on from first reading the book, my little one still talks about his invisible strings today

Age range: 3+

You can pick up your copy here