What is Brave Oil?

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.” With these powerful words, Henry Ford encapsulates the incredible power of self-belief and the very essence of our magical Brave Oils.

Brave Oil was developed for young children who needed a boost of self-belief, a reminder of their own bravery. The developmental pathway from birth to ‘big kid’ is paved with numerous challenges and obstacles to be overcome. Differences in temperament, personality and life experience make it impossible to predict which our children will sail through and which they’ll stumble on. My little one found swimming lessons incredibly intimidating but at age 4 is more than happy to carry snakes draped around his neck!

The reality is, nearly all of our little ones will one day come up against something that challenges them. For a percentage of them, their worry will develop into something more significant, such as anxiety. As parents and carers, it’s our role to equip them with the tools, strategies and support they need to get through their challenges. There is simply no better boost for self-esteem than overcoming obstacles & for children, this is particularly true as they are learning to trust themselves.

Sometimes nerves and worry can send us into a tizz (now there’s a technical term!). It is near impossible to think calmly or rationally when we’re in this frame of mind. Brave Oil is the perfect tool to break kids out of the worry spiral so that we as parents can start teaching them the tools of self-regulation from a calm mindset.

Brave Oil blends the grounding, calming power of rituals (known to be a soothing, regulating strategy for those prone to worry) with that of positive psychology to be a restorative circuit breaker for children who are experiencing worry. To use, simply roll along their wrists, take a few deep breathes of the scent and allow the unique essential oil blend to calm their hearts and minds. Talk to them about how brave they are, how being nervous is completely normal and not something to be feared. The magic of this scent lies in the belief that it will infuse them with bravery, that they can do hard things.

Sometimes we all need that little reminder.