Discover the magic & beauty of mindfulness in this informative eBook.


Mindfulness for Minis is an introductory guide to children’s mindfulness and meditation for parents, carers, educators, therapists and anyone else supporting young children. The book is a happy by-product of Brave Space founder, Jacquie Ward’s research into mindfulness, conducted as part of her Psychology thesis in 2019.

The scientific literature is rich with studies that illuminate the powerful influence of mindfulness on our cognitive skills, social and emotional wellbeing. Its practice is ideal for all children, especially those who experience difficulties with their emotional regulation, challenging behaviours and compromised attentional focus. 

This book explores the concept of mindfulness; what it is, how it’s done and why it’s so important in today’s fast-paced world. Learn simple, yet powerful exercises you can teach your child so they too can harness the incredible benefits that come with being able to still the mind, focus the senses and truly be present. By introducing these skills early on in life, you are equipping them with strategies that will not only build their resilience, increase self-esteem and positively influence their ability to manage their emotions, but also reduce stress, anxiety and improve their cognitive functioning.

Revered by psychologists, spiritual leaders and countless other individuals who have discovered it’s magic, mindfulness may just be the key to unlocking optimal wellness. By intentionally teaching the skill of mindfulness to our next generation, we are building a group of centred, intentional and resilient humans who possess the capacity to be world-changers.


Mindfulness for Minis eBook