Soothe those sleepytime worries by creating a bedtime ritual your little one loves. By building a peaceful routine to mark a close to their days, you’re setting up the perfect opportunity for restorative sleep and peaceful rest. Start with a sequence tailored for connection and calm; a warm bath, bedtime book and Brave Oil application before goodnight kisses is the perfect mini ritual to settle and soothe young minds and bodies. 


Slumbertime Snore Brave Oil has been specially formulated with pure essential oils known for their calming and sleep-inducing properties. Lavender, Wild Orange and Ylang Ylang combine to form a magical elixir. Ideal for those who are reluctant to settle or nervous of creatures hiding under the bed, Slumbertime Snore is an empowering and important part of any bedtime ritual. 


Simply roll along your inner wrists, take some slow, deep breaths and allow the those sleep vibes to wash over you. 


10ml/ 0.3 fl oz


Slumbertime Snore is part of the Brave Oil collection, which was created to support children through periods of general anxiety or worry. All Brave Oils are housed in a clear glass, non-spill rollerball bottle and formulated using the highest quality essential oils and copious amounts of love.   


Slumbertime Snore