Are you a Teacher, Early Childhood Educator, Ballet, Yoga or Swimming Teacher (or indeed anyone who works with children?!). Are you looking to support the little ones in your care with an extra layer of care and inspiration? This value bundle is for you. 


Containing FOUR Brave Oils (two Dinosaur Roar and two Unicorn Soar) for the price of THREE, the pack is ideal for a classroom or studio environment.


A little about our Brave Oil...

Dissolve your nerves and settle those butterflies in your tummy with this magical Brave Oil. The delightful formula has been expertly blended with oils known for their calming, fortifying and soothing properties, including Frankincense for promoting peace, Wild Orange for grounding and Grapefruit for boosting clarity and confidence. Floating in an organic coconut oil base, each bottle is infused with copious amounts of love and bravery.

The overall result? An elixir that will both strengthen and settle anxious hearts. 


Simply roll along your inner wrists, take a deep breath and allow the aroma to calm your heart and mind.


10ml/ 0.3 fl oz


Brave Oil is ideal for supporting children through periods of general anxiety or worry, including starting preschool or school, during hospital stays, or attending school camps. Housed in a clear glass bottle, it’s non-spill and the perfect size to tuck secretly inside their bag or pocket. 

Teacher's Brave Oil Value Bundle