The internet is brimming with experts, articles and general can be overwhelming at times, making it difficult to know where to start. Allow us to to simplify that process. Here, we share our favourite resources and links to goodness when it comes to building up happy kids. 

Check back from time to time, we’ll be constantly updating as we discover new pieces of magic.

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  • The VERY best article we’ve ever seen when it comes to anxiety and children. A must-read for anyone looking to understand anxiety and guide children through it. Written by leading Psychologist, Karen Young.

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  • The Invisible String by Patrice Karst is a beautiful picture book that we have experienced the magic of first hand. It teaches of the power of the invisible string that connects us to our loved ones, even when we are not together. This book will be treasured by those affected by separation anxiety.

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  • Practical techniques and strategies to help guide children who are dysregulated or overwhelmed.

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  • Psychologist Dr. Justin Coulson is a father to six (yes, six!) children and a passionate expert in the field of resilience and building happy families. His book 9 Ways To A Resilient Child blends the results of research with practical, useful information on how to bolster your child’s resilience, and your own at the same time.

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